Joyous fourth rank!

Udyavani Manipal

Mother of three accomplished ladies; grandmother of two sweet little girls; with a beautifully built house being so lovingly maintained as an 'Art Museum' cum 'Abode of tranquility'; with streams of guests visiting to savior the joy of 'good living'; ever ready to help friends and relatives in the hour of need; ever enthusiastic to attend religious/cultural/social events around the city - all these are the quintessentials of Usha Chadaga's life at 64, in Udupi. Recently she appeared for her 'M.A. in Sanskrit' examination and cracked it with 4th rank - which is a fantastic achievement.

She is a 'Bachelor of Science with Microbiology' major from the Mumbai University. She is a 'Vidvat' in Hindustani Classical Music, practicing & performing regularly. She moved to Trivandrum after marriage and set home with her husband Sri Ramakrishna Chadaga. Even while bringing up her three daughters and maintaining the housebound duties, she was teaching young children and was the principal of a primary school in the Malayali dominant state of Kerala. Her whole family was very actively involved in various cultural/social activities in Trivandrum. They moved to Udupi just 7 years ago after her husband Sri Ramakrishna Chadaga shifted to the teaching profession from rocket science. He is now the Director of the prestigious Manipal Institute of Management.

Usha is not satisfied with her M.A. in Sanskrit. She wants to pursue 'Vedanta'. She enrolled herself in Udupi Sanskrit college to study 'Vedanta Vidvat'. She has already completed the 'Madhyama' stage and now doing 'Uttama' where difficult scripts like the 'Brahmasoothra' and the 'Upanishads' are taught. She is the only lady among the young boys sitting and studying 'Vedanta'. It is very heartening to see her enthusiasm, sincerity and commitment to go to the depths of our wealth of knowledge hidden in our valuable scriptures.

It is a common belief that with advancing age memory slows down. Usha proves that wrong with her zeal and enthusiasm to tread where no one even attempted. She desires to pursue 'Doctoral' study on 'Degenration of human values from the Vedic Period'. We can only applaud this young lady for being a torchbearer to every one who desires to pursue knowledge. 'There is no age limit'.

Udayavani - Manipal
July 1st 2011